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Once Upon a Lens: The Lenstrait Pictures Story

The Lens of Destiny: The Birth of Lenstrait Pictures

In the bustling heart of Varanasi, two souls destined for artistry came together. Meet Utkarsh and Ranjan, the dynamic duo behind Lenstrait Pictures, where passion, creativity, and love converge to craft memories.

In the year 2017, Utkarsh, the cinematography maestro, and Ranjan, the dreamer artist, found their paths intertwined at Banaras Hindu University. Little did they know that their meeting would ignite a vision.

Frames of Forever: Lenstrait's Timeless Magic

Capturing moments that become cherished memories.

Lenstrait Pictures isn’t just a brand; it’s an emotion. Through their lenses, Utkarsh and Ranjan freeze moments of love, laughter, and emotion, ensuring that your special day becomes a timeless memory you can revisit whenever your heart desires.

Love Knows No Bounds: Lenstrait's Pan-Indian Journey

From Varanasi to Delhi, Lucknow to Patna, love transcends all borders.

Utkarsh and Ranjan’s artistic voyage has taken them across diverse cities and cultures, capturing love stories that resonate universally. Their lens knows no boundaries, and their storytelling transcends geographical limitations.

Lenstrait Legacy: Celebrating Love, One Click at a Time

Turning moments into cherished legacies.

Lenstrait Pictures is a place where love is not just captured; it’s celebrated. Each click becomes a part of your legacy, telling the tale of your love for generations to come.

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The Artisans Behind the Lens: Meet Utkarsh and Ranjan

Discover the creative minds who breathe life into every frame at Lenstrait Pictures.